Vitamum brand expands portfolio with addition of Ditto Yellow

DE LIER, Netherlands: Dümmen Orange, the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials, today announced the continued expansion of Vitamum brand with the launch of Yellow Ditto.

Ditto Yellow is a new variety in the Ditto family, a series of mums that is sold under the Vitamum brand. With its yellow flowers, it is the sixth addition to the group, alongside the dazzling Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Orange, White and Lemon varieties. According to Dümmen Orange, it goes without saying that this variety has inherited some outstanding family traits: bold colour, good colour retention, vigorous plant habit and hassle-free production.

Ditto Yellow can be best grown in 9 to 15-cm pots. This makes it a good fit for both black-out and normal cultivation. The plants grow compact and require minimal plant growth regulators. The breeder stresses that reliable genetic traits ensure uniform, disease-resistant starting material. For growers, this means strong, naturally healthy cuttings and young plants.

This new variety has the same response time as the other members of the Ditto family: around 5.5 weeks. Its development from the first bud opening to being in full bloom is very gradual. As such, the overall flowering phase lasts for a very long time. The unusually high colour intensity and colour quality of the flowers in all the varieties of this family ensure that the flowers don’t fade. What’s more, the small to medium-sized double flowers fit perfectly with the overall plant habit.

Dümmen Orange sells the Ditto as well as the Homerun series under the well-known Vitamum brand. The families each comprise of a coordinated assortment aligned with various natural flowering times from mid-August to the end of September. This enables growers to select individual varieties or family combinations from a comprehensive assortment that fit perfectly into their own cultivation programs. The Vitamums are also perfect for colourful mixes such as the Confetti Garden Party combination and come with a full range of marketing materials.

Dümmen Orange says the Vitamum brand is renowned for unique product ranges that stand out for their intense, vibrant colours and uniform response and flowering times. The company has invested heavily in mutation breeding, and the benefits this brings to customers are clear to be seen: a guaranteed, narrow flowering window and a uniform sales period.

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