NGIA Members show overwhelming support for Greenlife Industry Australia

SYDNEY, Australia: Members of Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) have given their resounding support to establish Greenlife Industry Australia, voting overwhelmingly in favour of the change.

The historical decision received unprecedented engagement by members with non-compulsory voting increasing significantly for the vote, showing the importance of the decisions.

“The members have spoken, and they have sent us a powerful message.  They want greater representation, wide industry acknowledgement and relevant national benefits and service from their national representative body,” said Karen Brock, NGIA President and inaugural director designate for Greenlife Industry Australia.

The resolution which was passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of NGIA Members on 12 June required only to secure a majority vote in support.  However, recognising the significance of the decision for Members, the NGIA Board determined not to proceed with the change unless 75%+1 of voting Members supported the decision.

Those in attendance celebrated with applause when the resolution passed with 90% of votes in favour of establishing Greenlife Industry Australia.

Greenlife Industry Australia is expected to launch on 1 July 2019 with many requirements already met.  The inaugural Board intends to harness the support for Greenlife Industry Australia, and maintain momentum, focusing on the priority areas of growing markets, protecting investments and reducing costs of Members.

Simultaneously, the NGIA Board will commence a methodical and controlled process of transition, ensuring NGIA assets and projects are appropriately managed or transferred to Greenlife Industry Australia.

Karen advises the process of transition will take some time.  It is expected the early months of management will be dominated by administrative activities while operational systems are established. Members are assured that while adjustments will not be obvious initially, their representatives will be working to set up the organisation to deliver the changes as proposed.

The inaugural Board for Greenlife Industry Australia met immediately following the meeting to informally work through the immediate requirements for the new entity.

“The inaugural Board is excited to embark on the next chapter for our industry on 1 July and we have identified a number of areas we can act quickly.  As has been done under the National Reinvention Project, Members of NGIA and new members of Greenlife Industry Australia will be kept regularly informed of the progress of the transition,” said Karen.

“I want to extend thanks to all the review committees of the past three years and particularly to the Transition Team who forged significant paths, enabling Members to vote on an informed and substantive platform. “

“This is an exciting and momentous occasion for all of us.  The opportunities are endless, and we now need to move quickly to take full advantage of them.”

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For a copy of the report, please contact Kobie Keenan at Nursery & Garden Industry Australia at or on 02 8861 5112.


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