New and distinguished look for Iris grower Middenweg  

Middenweg Flowers, a reputable, second-generation Turkish Dutch Iris nursery from the Netherlands, is reintroducing itself with a fresh, distinguished look.

Taking centre stage at Middenweg Flowers’ freshly revamped corporate identity is a styled, golden  Iris flower that beautifully contrasts with a canvas in corporate blue.

The Middenweg #irisistible tagline underlines that the company’s showy, sophisticated Iris blooms are too attractive and tempting to be resisted.

The cut-Iris nursery’s rebranding effort ensures ít continues to stay fresh whilst keeping its core values at heart: quality, passion, respect for the planet and its people, and reliability.

Last, year Murat Kaya and his son Can sat down with FloraCulture International to tell the story of a cut-iris nursery that is based on quintessential Turkish family values such as ‘mutual love and respect’, and ‘helping  each other’.   

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