Henk Brinkman, former Royal Brinkman CEO, dies at 70

Henk Brinkman, who, as a chief executive of the horticultural supply and engineering company Royal Brinkman sought to broaden the company’s (online) offerings died on 7 June. He was 70.

Fourth generation Henk Brinkman was a long-time member of the Royal Brinkman company in ‘s-Gravenzande. As a son of Henk Brinkman Senior, he followed in his father’s footsteps and began his career in the Purchasing Department. He then advanced to Director International and later to CEO.

During his time at Royal Brinkman,  Henk Brinkman helped organise the company’s centenary celebrations when former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands awarded the horticultural supplier a royal warrant, a rare recognition highly regarded as a mark of quality and excellence.

Born in Delft, Henk Brinkman has played a significant role in bolstering the company’s presence in the global horticulture market. His business insight and drive led to establishment of branches in Poland and Hungary. He also stood at the forefront of the development of the webshops of the company and helped to found the company Agrobío.

Unfortunately, Henk Brinkman had to step down in 2008 after being struck by illness following a business trip.

Henk Brinkman did not particularly like the spotlight, but internally he was a passionate and committed director and shareholder. He was a travelling ambassador for Royal Brinkman.

Henk leaves his wife Marian, children and grandchildren.

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