Floritec opens a new breeding facility in Honselersdijk

Floritec opens its doors today (Monday, 12 June 2023)  to a new breeding facility in Honselersdijk. After months of preparations, renovations and developments, all their cut Chrysanthemum varieties, pot Chrysanthemums, pot Asters and pot Celosias are all based in one location, where ‘Customised Breeding’ of robust varieties in close cooperation with growers can occur.

Floritec's new breeding centre.

Floritec’s new breeding centre.

The new location supports Customised Breeding

The company’s distinctive approach to ‘Customised Breeding’ was born fifteen years ago, partly out of necessity. It was a strategic choice that later proved a crucial unique selling point. Nevertheless, Floritec is opening its greenhouse in Honselersdijk. General manager Jeroen Ravensbergen explains why he is happy about this move.
“Floritec’s mission is to develop relevant and leading varieties in close partnership with customers. We can develop varieties with reduced susceptibility to diseases and pests thanks to on-site development, perfectly suited to local growing and climate conditions. Having our own breeding location is in line with our ambitions to continue to grow, professionalise, and present our varieties in trials. It also gives us more room to incorporate the gene pool of our parent company into our work.”
“Our new breeding site supports Customised Breeding. We involve some of our customers early in the development process through on-site selection. For other customers, this approach is less suitable. Nevertheless, it is essential for them to be involved. This process is much easier now that we can extensively test the new selections at our site and welcome our customers there.

Flower Trials from June 13 to 16

Visitors can view the new location during the Flower Trials, which Floritec will officially participate in starting this season. In addition to the existing commercial assortment, visitors will see new and striking varieties, which will be shown during the FlowerTrials.

Opening hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 13 to 15 | 08.00 – 18.00 hrs.
  • Friday, June 16 | 08.00 – 15.00 hours

Floritec veredelingslocatie
Middel Broekweg 84b
2675 KE Honselersdijk
The Netherlands

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