Erfgoed publishes a white paper on perennial plant and nursery stock production

A perennial plant or nursery stock grower’s primary goal is to deliver constant and superior product quality while keeping labour and production costs such as energy and equipment under control. With this in mind, Dutch-based ErfGoed, an international leader in the manufacturing and installing cultivation floors, has published a new whitepaper helping perennial plant and nursery stock growers to better manage their costs and improve cultivation conditions.

Erfgoed’s latest white paper provides valuable insights into diseases, plant resilience, water management, fertilisation, and logistics in nursery stock production. You can download the whitepaper on ErfGoed’s website. 

Below is a brief overview of the contents.

Chapter 1: Diseases and Pests & Plant Resilience

This chapter highlights the role of fungi in shrub cultivation and the effects of soil and plant fungi. The cultivation advisor, Dirand van Wijk, shares tips on preventing and combating fungi, reducing losses, and promoting uniform growth. Suggestions include avoiding dry pots, adjusting watering strategies, ensuring balanced fertilization, and providing adequate but not excessive water.

Chapter 2: Water Management and Fertilization

Water is crucial for shrub growers, especially with changing climatic conditions. We discuss challenges such as dry periods and heavy rainfall, offering practical tips for water storage, efficient usage, and selecting the right irrigation system. The chapter also emphasizes the role of fertilization for optimal crop growth.

Chapter 3: Logistics and Labor

This chapter focuses on the necessity of automation in shrub cultivation. We discuss the current state of affairs, challenges in order picking, and possible solutions, recommending a gradual approach to automation. Additionally, we provide insights into optimizing logistical processes for efficiency and labor savings.

Chapter 4: Future-Oriented Business

Chapter 4 of the whitepaper emphasizes strategic business development for shrub growers and perennial plant cultivators. The ‘ErfGoed Masterplan’ focuses on on-site planning and water management, providing future guidance and financial benefits. Growers are encouraged to look beyond the usual and prepare for future developments, legislation, and changes. The chapter underscores customization, focusing on unique business parameters and challenges and providing a strategic vision for a resilient business in the future.

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