Dutch automation is the Killer App of Cannabis Cultivation

BERGSCHENHOEK, Netherlands: CannaInsider is the global number 1 Podcast about cannabis cultivation. Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider interviews the leading voices in the cannabis industry. Kind recently sat down with Codema’s sales manager Lars Meijer.

Involved in a number of large projects, Codema has been supplying technological solutions for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis for quite a few years now. They are involved in a large number of medicinal and legalized cannabis projects in both Canada and the USA. In the interview, Lars Meijer reveals why Codema’s technology is so suitable for this type of cultivation and why large cannabis players continue to work with Codema.

The key take aways of the interview:

– Mapping out the lifecycle of the plants
– Creating a workflow
– Building automation around the workflow
– How moving and flying tables enable efficiency
– Reducing input costs

Interested? Listen to the interview or read the entire interview at CannaInsider https://www.cannainsider.com/codema-systems-cannabis/


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