Colourful Revelation Dahlias are a magnet for pollinating insects

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch-based plant breeder and propagator Dümmen Orange  has launched Revelation, a new Dahlia series featuring semi-double-flowered blooms available in five colours.

Large, semi-double flowers rise above compact, dark green foliage. Revelation Dahlias come in five colours: Revelation Yellow, Revelation Orange, Revelation Pink, and Revelation Red. The two-toned Dahlia Revelation Salmon Bicolor has a bright yellow center of disc florets that is emphasized by the deep salmon of the surrounding petals, which lighten toward the outer edges.

Dahlia Revelation Salmon Bi Colour.

According to Dümmen Orange the new series is a magnet for pollinating insects despite its semi-double blooms. The series’ is said to flower from the mid of June until the first frosts.

Commercial growers are likely to benefit from the new series as it is uniform, well- branching and less demanding in terms of PGRs.

The plants have a medium-vigorous habit and can be grown either in the greenhouse or outdoors. They are ideal for production in 17-19 cm containers.

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