Chrysal celebrates 75 years of flower food

Chrysal celebrates 75 years of flower food this year. For three-quarters of a century, Chrysal’s flower food has been extending the lifespan of flowers, allowing consumers worldwide to enjoy their flowers even longer. 

Founded in 1929, Chrysal has been developing flower food since 1949 to ensure flowers stay beautiful for a longer time. With a continuous commitment to research and development, Chrysal has become the global expert in flower care. Over the years, florists and consumers have relied on Chrysal’s expertise to keep flowers looking beautiful.

As Chrysal commemorates this anniversary, the company also reflects on the responsibility it has towards future generations. Sustainability is at the core of Chrysal’s values.

Therefore, the company is dedicated to environmentally friendly packaging such as paper sachets and sachets made from recyclable plastic. Without compromising on quality, Chrysal contributes to a healthier planet for future generations by reducing plastic or using reusable materials.

Even after 75 years, Chrysal continues to focus on developing flower nutrition and sustainable sachets while reducing our ecological footprint.

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