Expo 2027 Yokohama | News Update 2023

Unveiling of the official logo

The official logo for the Expo 2027 Yokohama was unveiled on 8 February at Machi Place Conference Center (Yokohama Keizai Shimbun). Mr Yuko Kita created the winning design.

The official logo competition ran during October and November last year, and the Yokohama Expo 2027 organisers selected the winning logo from among 1,204 entries.

The grand prize winner, Mr Kita, explained his design, “It represents the peace and refreshing atmosphere we receive from greenery. The soft curves are reminiscent of flower petals and leaves flying in the air to represent the invisible space and feelings. When viewed as a whole, the collection of parts looks like a rose, the flower of Yokohama.”

Announcement of promotion team

In addition, to the logo unveiling ceremony, exactly 1,500 days before the Expo launch, the press conference held another announcement about the promotion team. GREEN × EXPO Lab (creative organisation) will lead the activities that will be accelerated toward the event, with Professor Shiro Wakui as the chairperson, Mr Kengo Kuma as the master architect, and Ms Mika Ninagawa will be the creator of the Expo and will be in charge of indoor exhibition planning and key visuals.

Yokohama Mayor Takeharu Yamanaka, Deputy Governor Satoshi Koitabashi of Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City Council Chairperson Tomio Shimizu, and Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly Chairperson Hiroaki Shikida also took the stage at the recital from the host cities of Kanagawa Prefecture and Yokohama City. Mayor Yamanaka said, “This will be the 7th World Expo in Japan and the first to be held in Tokyo and three prefectures. As a host city, we want to make sure that Yokohama is ready to deliver a sustainable future to the world.”

The 2027 International Horticultural Expo will be held in the part of the former Kamiseya communication facility in Asahi-ku and Seya-ku, Yokohama (approximately 100 hectares). The theme is “tomorrow’s scenery that creates happiness”. The event will be held from 19 March 2027 to 26 September 2027.

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