Sustainability Survey

Commitment to sustainability can be political, commercial, and personal. The fundamental understanding of sustainability is, in the broadest sense, the capacity of something to maintain or sustain itself in a recognisable form over time.
In the current political, philosophical, and practical sense, it is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their needs” and makes specific reference to natural resources. This definition is particularly relevant for the ornamental horticulture industry that both uses and produces natural resources.
At the Spring meeting in April 2021, AIPH members approved the adoption of the AIPH Sustainability Policy (Annexe I). The policy describes the ambitions of AIPH to serve the ornamental horticultural industry and to support the industry as a sustainable and resilient global industry across all aspects of the supply chain.
AIPH prepared a Sustainability Survey to identify areas where the organisation can have the most impact in supporting the global ornamental horticultural industry in reaching, maintaining, and extending resilience and sustainability across all supply chain sectors.