SPG Update March 2023 | CPVO Strategy 2026

EU CPVO’s vision in the years to come: ‘Strategic Plan 2022-2026’

In autumn 2022, EU Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) presented its vision for the years to come in the ‘Strategic Plan 2022-2026’. While the mission of the CPVO has remained relatively untouched, the pace of change in the environment and myriad challenges facing the CPVO mean that it has arrived at a crossroads.

The CPVO, through the management of the Community plant variety rights (CPVR) system and through the execution of the tasks entrusted to it, contributes to this crucial policy by supporting all stakeholders with a stable system which promotes research and development (R&D) and breeding of better and improved varieties. High-yield, disease-resistant, stress-tolerant varieties better suited to the changing climatic conditions can only be promoted if such varieties’ protection system is robust. Food security has been and continues to be, one of the most important issues facing society, particularly in the context of climate change.

The EU Plant Breeders’ Rights Regulation will be revised during the course of this CPVO Strategic Plan and, in that context, supporting its stakeholders in accessing, using and exploiting the IP system for the protection of new plant varieties on the basis of a cost-efficiency approach remains an important challenge for the CPVO.

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