Sparring Partner Group Meeting

SPG Meeting

Novelty Protection meeting on 22 October 2021
  • Autumn Meeting

    AIPH takes responsibility as champions for the power of plants by supporting the industry to stimulate future breeding innovation by presenting solutions to finding a new balance between breeders’ rights and patents.

    To do all this work in the PBR field, we have the Sparring Partner Group (SPG), part of the Novelty Protection Group. The group chair is constantly informed about the latest developments, the juridical consequences, and possible solutions.

    Thanks to these exchanges, discussions, and better understanding and awareness of the importance of PBR and the other fields of intellectual property rights, we can support a good working PBR system at both the national and international levels and contribute to future solutions and new balances.

    On Friday, 22 October, we have a virtual online SPG meeting. The keynote speaker will be Dr Axel Metzger, Professor of Civil law and Intellectual Property at Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany. He will present the principle of harvested material in the UPOV system.

    Dr Metzger

    After Dr Metzgers’ presentation, there will be a quick update in the Plant Breeders Right field in relation to the growers' and producers' position in the sector, given by Ms Mia Buma

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  • 22 October 2021 | 11am (CET)

  • The Sparring Partner Group is open to all AIPH Members and AIPH Affiliate Members. If you wish to join, please tick here