Webinar to address how to capitalise on the recent houseplant trend

FloraCulture International (FCI) magazine, supported by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), invites ornamental growers, traders, retailers, and suppliers to join a free webinar to discuss how the industry can capitalise on the recent global houseplant popularity trend on 30 June from 3pm to 4.30pm (British Summer Time).

Sales of houseplants have boomed over the last year. With people confined to their houses because of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems the immense value of adding plants to the home has been recognised.

Now the industry needs to ensure it holds on to these customers and continues to meet their needs. The webinar will bring together experts to share their experiences in this market and allow participants to comment on what we need to do.

How can growers and traders make the most of this boom in houseplant demand?
This informative webinar will look at the current and future consumer trends and what can and should change so that suppliers can continue to meet consumer demands.

Guest speakers

Mr Michael Perry goes by the moniker Mr Plant Geek in the UK. Growing plants, loving plants, and sharing his experiences with plants on television, radio, podcasts, and social media has led to him holding the crown of Influencer of the Year bestowed by the UK’s Garden Media Guild. He began as a product developer for Thompson Morgan for 18-years, after which he switched to pursuing his garden personality career. This belief in plants shows he is comfortable working with industry professionals and is authentic with followers.

Mr Joseph Roberts is CEO of Miami-based supplier ForemostCo Inc. Founded in 1987, ForemostCo Inc. continues to redefine and globalise the international production of starter material. With offices and nurseries located in the United States, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, as well as sourcing material from around the world, ForemostCo has become one of the largest importers of live plants to the USA. By mastering the delivery of a consistent quality product, providing exceptional service, and developing large numbers of innovative proprietary varieties, ForemostCo creates profitable opportunities for both its customers and suppliers.

Ms Alice van Veen is Commercial Manager for Royal Lemkes in the Netherlands. She works for a family business with a legacy of 130 years that boasts a green heart and a beautiful mission: to create a better life, stronger businesses, and a healthier, green world with plants. They serve large retailers such as IKEA, OBI, Kingfisher, ALDI, and Praxis by supplying them with the highest quality plants at the lowest cost throughout Europe.

Mr Leo de Vries is the director of KP Holland in the Netherlands. He grew up as a son of a flower wholesaler. After the horticultural study, he entered the fascinating world of growing and selling potted plants. He gained experience in the sales of young plants, marketing, and concept development in relation to the sales of flowering plants. This all based on the vision: help people and companies worldwide to realise a green and blooming living environment.

Find out what the global industry thinks and join in the conversation on 30 June in the ‘How to capitalise on the recent houseplant trend’ webinar from 3pm to 4.30pm BST (British Summer Time). Register, free-of-charge today

We are grateful to our sponsor for this event ForemostCo Inc.

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom