First Beijing International Garden Festival gives hope to visitors post COVID-19

AIPH – International Association of Horticultural Producers – shares positive news during this coronavirus pandemic. In China, a new International Garden Festival launched on Tuesday (28 April) and will be open until 15 October. The festival will be on the site of Expo 2019 Beijing – where the world’s largest-ever horticultural expo event happened.

Last year’s AIPH-approved A1 International Horticultural Exhibition took place in 960 hectares of the landscape at the foot of the Great Wall, by the Gui river and amidst the Taihung mountains of Beijing’s Yanqing District. The area is now known as The Beijing Expo Park and continues to carry forward the expo’s legacy of Integrating Horticulture into Nature and Touching Souls with Nature.

The first Beijing International Garden Festival will feature a floral landscape of around 50,000 square metres and contain almost 100 outdoor gardens. The exquisitely designed gardens, flower border, flower fields and pavilions will feature classic styles from various countries, evoking the glory and charm of Beijing Expo once again. Representatives from international flower breeding companies, well-known gardening enterprises and architects from the United States, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, as well as representatives from specialised educational institutions home and abroad will gather here during the festival, participating in exhibitions of theme gardens. Horticultural science seminars and experiential activities will occupy many during this festival.

After such long periods of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, Beijing International Garden Festival is seen by many as a welcome feeling of peace through nature. It will also advance global horticultural wisdom and champion the power of plants.
The Vice Mayor of Beijing, Madame Wong Hong and the President of China Flower Association (CFA), Madame Jiang Zehui attended the opening on 28 April. The AIPH secretary general, Tim Briercliffe sent a video message praising the festival’s initiative.

He says: “This exhibition marks the passing of a dark winter for the citizens of the world. Springtime always gives us hope. Whatever happens in the world, the buds will always come, and new life emerges from what seems dead. It reminds us that we will rebuild and recover from the difficulties and sadness of the months that have gone before.”

He adds: “What you are doing shows the resilience of the citizens of Beijing and the recognition that living green means living better. This message from Expo 2019 Beijing will last forever.”

For more information about the Beijing Expo 2019, visit here

To hear the opening address given by AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe view here.

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom