English version report roundtable discussion in the Netherlands available

Last month the English version of the report of the oral consultation hold in summer 2012 in the Netherlands has been published. The Dutch version was published in August 2012.  The oral consultation was organized by the Dutch Government of all the concerned parties (think of VBN, LTO, Plantum, Niaba (umbrella organization of biotech firms) and Nefarma (umbrella organization of pharmaceutical firms)) and big firms (think of Monsanto, Tata Steel Europe, Unilever, Akzo Nobel, Syngenta) to figure out and to discuss with all the parties about the feasibility and desirableness of the full breeders exemption in patent law and to discuss the effects (the pros and cons) of the full breeder’s exemption. Also the so called ‘industry led solution’ (see annex 7 to the NP agenda of the spring meeting 2012 for explanation) is part of the report of this consultation. The accompanying letter from Mr. Trojan, the discussion leader and writer of the report, contains a summary of the essentials. The introduction letter of the Dutch minister of Economic Affairs is attached as well. Mia Buma, secretary of the AIPH Committee for Novelty Protection, will inform the members further about the reactions on and the follow-up of this report in spring meeting 2013. For your information you find attached the complete version. Please, send it to anyone you know who can use this information in his or her work and/or to anyone who could be interested.

Download 27428-236_engl_report_trojan.pdf

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom