Conference Invasive alien species in urban areas in Europe, 5 September 2013, IUCN Global Headquarters, Gland, Switzerland

IUCN will organise a conference on invasive species in urban areas in Europe on the 5th of September 2013. This conference will take place at the IUCN Global Headquarters in Switzerland (Gland).

Local and regional authorities can play a key role in helping address the risks associated with biological invasions and can contribute to raising awareness among decision-makers and citizens. The main aim of this conference is to bring together European local governmental representatives and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices that contribute to solutions that reduce the risk of invasive species in urban areas. It will serve to inform the competent authorities in Europe who are responsible for implementing action to control, manage and prevent the invasive species to enter the environment, with scientific knowledge and expertise as well as guidance and examples.In advance of the conference IUCN will be collecting knowledge and experiences from European cities and urbanised regions to combat invasive species.

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom