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Co-Existence Mosaic at Expo 2021 Hatay is officially a Guinness World Record breaker

The Guinness World Records officially records the Co-Existence Mosaic at the Expo 2021 Hatay as the world’s largest marble stone mosaic on 23 July 2022.

The mosaic’s theme is peace, and its name is ‘Co-Existence’.

The single-piece floor mosaic measures 1,600 square metres and has a diameter of 45 metres. It has 40 different coloured stones brought from all over Turkiye. Sixteen million small cube tessera stones create this mosaic which exhibits at the Expo Antakya Area.

The massive artwork celebrates the spirit of Expo 2021 Hatay and will be available to view long after the Expo finishes.

The ancient Roman art of mosaic-making captures the city’s 2,500,000-year history, described with ancient symbolism with a modern message. 

The team behind the project includes the cooperation between the Mustafa Kemal University and mosaic experts. It was produced in workshops in Defne, Erzin and Reyhanlı districts by more than 300 people who worked with artisans, scientists, experts, engineers in the infrastructure and personnel working in the technical parts.

The Turkish representative for Guinness World Records, Ms Şeyda Subaşı, explained the international conditions necessary to become a record holder. She said, “The mosaic should be made entirely of natural stones, have a minimum size of 500 square metres, and contain at least two colours, to qualify.”

Ms Subaşı officially declared that the Mosaic of Common Existence fulfilled these conditions and that the new record holder was Hatay Metropolitan Municipality.

The Co-Existence Mosaic is officially a record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records on July 23, 2022.

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom