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#BiodiverCities Gear Up to Showcase Action at a Dedicated Summit and Pavilion at COP 15

Montréal, Canada

The second part of the 15th UN Conference of the Parties (COP-15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will take place 7 to 19 December 2022 in Montreal, Canada, under the Presidency of China.

Why is it important?

At COP-15, Parties (National Governments) will meet to conclude negotiations and adopt a new Post 2020 global biodiversity framework, which will set a clear course for the next decade of action to stop and reverse biodiversity loss and ensure that the use of biodiversity is sustainable. The agreement will serve as a global plan for biodiversity and a roadmap to achieve the Convention’s three objectives: conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of its components, and equitable sharing of benefits from the use of genetic resources.

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What does this mean for Cities?

It is at the local level – in Cities – where we are seeing the biodiversity crisis play out. Cities are drivers of biodiversity loss and are the arenas within which the effects of this loss are most severely felt, but they are also where the solutions lie. City-led action is essential to protecting biodiversity, restoring ecosystems and reconnecting people with nature. Cities can make tangible contributions to implementing the objectives of the CBD and the targets in the Post 2020 GBF, and it is thus critical that the voice of cities is not only heard at COP-15, but that their role is recognised as central in driving the transformative change that will secure our increasingly urban future. COP15 will be a strategic and historic moment for local and subnational governments as ongoing advocacy efforts culminate in the formal recognition of the role of cities as central to achieving the global biodiversity agenda over the coming decade.

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How will cities be represented at the upcoming COP15?

ICLEI and partners are hosting a dedicated 2-day event: the 7th Summit for Subnational Governments and Cities from 11-12 December 2022 as an official parallel event to the COP, and an associated Subnational Governments and Cities Pavilion, which will run from 8-18 December throughout the duration of the COP.

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On the 14th December, CitiesWithNature partners, including AIPH, will co-host a session in the pavilion which will aim to showcase city commitments to urban biodiversity and how these commitments manifest as meaningful and ambitious action. Will your city be in Montréal? Let us know by writing to [email protected] so we can provide further details on how your city can get involved in these fundamentally important activities.

The coming month is a pivotal moment for biodiversity, and you can be inspired by the action showcased by finalists in the Living Green for Biodiversity category of the AIPH World Green City Awards 2022. View the case studies from these leading cities.

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How can my city showcase its biodiversity commitments?

AIPH is a proud partner of CitiesWithNature, which provides a shared platform for cities and their partners to engage and connect, working with a shared commitment towards a more sustainable urban world. On the CitiesWithNature Action Platform, cities can share their biodiversity commitments, understand how they contribute to global nature goals, set targets, and track their achievements each time they take action for nature. AIPH invites all cities to check out and join CitiesWithNature.

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How can my city showcase and celebrate its biodiversity actions?

The AIPH World Green City Awards is an ongoing competition, with entries open every 2 years. Cities are invited to enter, and the winners are announced at special gala event awards ceremonies. Winners may also be invited to showcase their greening projects at an AIPH approved International Horticultural Expo. The awards bring global recognition to the value of plants and urban nature-based solutions in providing solutions for common city problems, and create an enabling environment to shape and nurture a strategic shift in city governance/planning. Don’t miss out- showcase your city’s actions and register your interest in the 2024 edition today!

How will my city monitor progress?

IUCN, a proud partner of AIPH, has recently developed a tool to help you. The IUCN Urban Nature Index offers essential insights on the status and trends of natural capital stocks, the flows of services they generate, the efficacy of environmental governance, and the impacts of urban consumption on nature globally. Comprising a set of 30 indicator topics nested across six themes, the IUCN Urban Nature Index (UNI) has been developed to help cities understand their impacts on nature, set science-based targets for improvement, and monitor progress accordingly.

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Dr Audrey Timm, Technical Advisor, United Kingdom, [email protected]