AIPH sadness at loss of Doeke Faber

AIPH sadness at loss of Doeke Faber_webMembers of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) have expressed their sadness at the news that their former President, Dr. Doeke Faber, has passed away this week.

Dr. Faber, from The Netherlands, was President of AIPH from 2003 to 2012 and led the association through a period of significant change both within the global ornamentals industry and the association.

Current AIPH President, Bernard Oosterom, comments: “Doeke Faber used his passion for the horticulture industry and his leadership and diplomatic skills to bring together grower associations from around the world. He was particularly effective at stimulating interest in International Horticultural Exhibitions in Asia and helped in guiding cities in China, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and Turkey to produce world-class exhibitions that raised the profile and importance of horticulture in those countries. He worked tirelessly for the greater good of the global industry and earned the respect and gratitude of industry representatives across the globe. He helped to build AIPH into a robust organisation and laid foundations that we continue to build on today. AIPH and the industry as a whole will miss him very much and our sympathies are with his wife and family as they deal with this sad time.”Friend of AIPH, Jaap Kras said: “Doeke was an idealist who wanted to use his whole life to serve and to contribute to the world. He started his career working in developing countries. A warm intelligent charming hard working man. No effort was too much for him pursuing his goals. Forever we will remember his valuable contributions to global ornamental horticulture and his warm personal friendship.”

Dr. Faber’s successor as AIPH President was Vick Krahn who said: “This is the end of a valiant life. Doeke was a strong advocate for ornamental plants and flowers and a champion for the Green City. Through his tenacity, determination, focus, vision, his immense internal strength and his ability to suppress and to a certain extent deny his physical discomfort he made a nine year commitment to be the Presidency of AIPH and to lead as no leader had done before him.” Doeke was loved and honoured in many countries by many organisations and people.”

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom