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AIPH, FCI and FlowersExpo Moscow to host a free webinar on the Russian flowers and plants market

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and its publication FloraCulture International magazine will be hosting a free webinar on 8 September to discuss the Russian Flowers Industry in association with FlowerExpo Moscow.

Russia’s premier horticultural tradeshow recently gained AIPH’s approval as an International Trade Exhibition. Having approval from AIPH means the event delivers the expectations and requirements of a horticultural trade exhibition to professionals in the industry. Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe says, “This is a great way to show the horticulture sector what Russia can do. I am confident that this trade exhibition will do a great job of promoting this market.”

FlowersExpo Moscow will take place in the Crocus Expo in Moscow between 8 and 10 September 2020, and online. With the coronavirus pandemic significantly impacting imports and exports, an event like this is naturally welcome.

Director of the event, Nadezhda Grigorieva says that anticipation for this year’s FlowersExpo is building as many industry professionals are in search of answers to crisis issues, waiting for practical solutions, and looking for the support and cooperation that the industry needs right now. The main objective of this event is to promote the development of the Russian market for flowers and plants: production and sale of flowers and plants, techniques and technologies for floriculture and landscape design.

In anticipation of the ‘new normal’, with social distancing still a vital part of everyday protection against Covid-19, FlowersExpo is also offering a virtual format that will run alongside the physical event in Moscow’s Crocus Expo.

This additional dimension will allow delegates the chance to attend without even paying for a plane ticket. By registering, they will be able to participate in video meetings, webinars, reports, excursions, and presentations of companies in a live-stream format that will also feature floral art and design shows and product presentations.

Our free webinar ‘Understanding and developing the Russian flowers market’  is on the 8 September schedule at 15:30 Central European Summer Time (CEST) (16:30 Moscow time). The event will be facilitated by experienced webinar organisers, JungleTalks. There will be six presenters for the webinar who are all key stakeholders who are ready to illuminate in abundance the opportunities and challenges in this country’s market.


                                       Mr Dmitry Vorontsov and Ms Olga Gad, CEO floral wholesale company 7flowers and director of procurement at 7flowers respectively will discuss the state of Russia’s flower industry, discuss market trends while reflecting on the impact from, and responses to, the pandemic.

Anna Vladimirovna Smerkalova will represent Podosinki, a state-of-the-art rose farm in Dmitrov, Russia. She will highlight the challenges and opportunities of growing roses in the Russian territory and the hardship they faced following the coronavirus pandemic.

John Elstgeest from Flower Circus is a familiar face to many Russian industry professionals, for the past few years, he has catered for many floral arrangement demonstrations in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Irkytsk, Perm and Novosibirsk. John is active in the Russian market and will provide insights into the floristry and wholesale segments.

Henk de Jong, will speak on behalf of Decorum Plants & Flowers from the Netherlands, a growers cooperative including over 50 members. Together, these growers bring over 4,000 products to the market under the Decorum and Feel Green brands. Henk is the regional manager of Decorum in Russia and Ukraine and is a well-known representative.

After the presentations, there is a chance for webinar participants to ask questions and discuss strategies.

FCI Editor, Ron van der Ploeg, comments, “Russia is a nation of flower aficionados. It is reflected by UN Comtrade and ITC statistics which rank the country as the sixth largest cut flower importer in the world, representing a value of nearly 40 billion dollars. Russia is not the easiest of export destinations characterised by a volatile market, bureaucracy, and geopolitical and currency risks. However, Russia is also a land where, like the nestling Matryoshka dolls, one opportunity reveals itself after the other; but only if you are prepared to invest significant time, personnel, and capital.”

“FCI is delighted to be working with FlowersExpo Moscow organisers Nadeshda Grigorieva and Elena Zarubina. Over the past 20 years, the duo have become known as the anchorwomen of Russian horticultural expo industry. This webinar will unlock the enormous potential for the international flowers trade, and there is space for everybody on the market, including Russian flower growers who over the years have made a name for their quality products.”

In line with our ethos to provide the best possible information and guidance for growers, free of charge, we are looking forward to this webinar as we continue to develop our online resources for growers.

To attend this free webinar, register your place here.

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom