The 69th Annual Congress of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) features a conference on ornamental horticulture in Southeast Asia as well as a conference for the organisers of International Horticultural Exhibitions (Expos).  The Congress, hosted by Taichung City Government and TFDA Chinese Taipei, will take place in Taichung, Chinese Taipei on 25-29 September 2017.

AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe said “The economies of countries in South East Asia have grown very fast.  The OECD predicts that average economic growth will continue at 6.2% between 2017-2021 for countries in the region.  While this region outperforms the rest of the world AIPH is taking the opportunity to assess how the market for ornamental horticulture in the region is developing”.

Expert speakers from Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore will present the changes in their country for the sector and will cover issues including: state of industry, size of industry, growth areas, decline areas, trends, consumer interest in ornamentals, current export/import market and potential for future. This conference takes place on 26 September.  AIPH President, Bernard Oosterom said “Thanks to the kind support of Taichung City Government and TFDA Chinese Taipei we can offer a really fabulous congress this year featuring two focused and informative conferences.  Our Southeast Asia conference is really essential for anyone with an interest in ornamental horticulture in the region and how this will affect the rest of the world.”

The Congress will also include a conference for the organisers of International Horticultural Expos on 27 September.  This time there will be a special emphasis on short-term shows with speakers from around the world including Philadelphia Flower Show (USA) as well as speakers on attracting visitors and engaging the private sector. The conference will include updates from Expos in preparation including Taichung (2018), Beijing (2019), Bologna (2019), Sydney (2020), Yangzhou (2021), Hatay, Turkey (2021) and Almere Netherlands (2022).

Delegates will also benefit from two days of professional visits within the ornamental horticulture industry in Chinese Taipei.

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Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom