Front CoverThe International Statistics Flowers and Plants 2017 yearbook shares the available data on the global production and trade of flowers and plants. Produced by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and Union Fleurs it has become invaluable to trade organisations, policymakers, marketeers, producers, traders, libraries and universities.

NEW for this year is additional trade information for Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates; updates on the distribution channels for horticultural products in Canada; and a new country page for the area and production data in Japan and Argentina.

You can expect to find production data from 40* countries and a detailed country breakdown covering product comparisons, market prices and data as well as global import and export data for many of these. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive referencing tool for flowers and plants.

To give you the option of choosing what data you receive, we have the following three versions of the yearbook to purchase:

  • €190 Full Statistical Yearbook, Including Production data and Trade data
  • €140 Production data only
  • €140 Trade data only

Order today and give your organisation the edge with these invaluable statistics.  Prices exclude VAT which is charged where applicable.

* | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | China | Chinese Taipei | Colombia | Costa Rica | Denmark | Ecuador | Ethiopia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | India | Iran | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Kenya | Republic of Korea | Malaysia | Mexico | Morocco | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Thailand | Turkey | United Kingdom | USA | Vietnam

Rachel Wakefield

Communications Executive and Associate Editor
United Kingdom