Green Neighbourhoods

Views of green

Water runoff

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Not all green needs to be accessible

Views of green are important for the overall green image of a city. Green roofs, green walls, private gardens, street trees, sports fields, cemeteries, agricultural land, and surrounding landscapes all contribute to the green character of a city.

Physical health improves with views of green

Patients recover up to 10% quicker in hospital rooms with views of green. Green park-like settings around hospitals, parking areas full of trees, courtyards, green walls both interior and exterior, and green roofs are all ways to increase green views from every room.

Mental health improves with views of green

People views of greenery and nature report fewer cases of depression and stress than those with no views from their homes and offices. Planting strips between houses and the street, front gardens, offices surrounded by green and trees, and parking areas with green buffers are ways to increase views of green from homes, offices, and retail areas

Property with views of green are more valuable

Houses and apartments with views of green (adjacent parks, surrounding landscapes, etc.) are commonly worth 4-12% more than houses of the same type without views of green.

Borrow views of private/semi-private green because of its impact on the urban green experience, both mentally and physically.

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Did you know?

Being able to see a view of diverse greenery from your home lowers the stress hormone cortisol and creates an improved sense of well-being.


Benefits of green views

  • Physical health: less doctor visits, shorter stays in hospitals (10% less)
  • Mental health: reduction of depression and stress
  • Views of green increase employee productivity
  • Employees take up less sick days
  • Properties with views of green are 4-12% higher


In new and existing developments

In new development:

Consider the layout of buildings and their relationship with green elements.

In existing development:

Multi-layered buildings with views over rooftops should replace grey roofs with green roofs. Parking areas adjacent to buildings should include trees and green elements so views are more attractive from indoors.