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Green business parks

Micro-climate parks

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Green business parks attract companies and employees

Companies are attracted to business parks with a green character in order to improve their own corporate image. Employees are attracted to companies who provide a pleasant working environment. By providing green views from office windows, worker productivity increases. Outdoor spaces for employees include lunch areas with a pleasant microclimate, walking and bicycle paths, benches and sports facilities.

Use business parks as a (green) link between the edge of the city and its surroundings

Traditional business parks often form a barrier between the city and the outskirts. Design business parks with green corridors and recreational opportunities so urban residents can reach urban forests and parks on the city fringe.

Extend the use of business parks beyond working hours

Business parks are large-scale landscapes that are intensively used during the weekdays. By including green spaces that can be used for recreation by both employees and residents, the useful hours can be extended into early mornings and evenings, as well as weekends. Many species of nocturnal animals also benefit from quiet business parks at night.

Increase the chances for nature to flourish

Combine the efforts of entrepreneurs, businesses, urban planners, landscape architects and ecologists in order to achieve a beneficial combination of commerce and nature. Biodiversity can be increased by using plants and providing habitats that are beneficial to local wildlife. Make room for storm water management solutions that also function as landscape features. Green roofs can fulfil both of these goals and improve the visual appeal of the building.

Make the “parks” in business parks and the “estates” in industrial estates true to their names.

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Did you know?

People with views of greenery and nature report fewer cases of depression and stress than those with no views from their homes and offices.


Benefits of green business parks

  • Provides attractive multifunctional spaces for business, recreation, and ecology
  • Helps create a positive green image many companies / industries aim for
  • Provides a healthy environment for employees
  • Increases the real estate value of parcels within the business park

“The quality of the workplace directly affects the work itself.” Park 2020

William McDonough, William McDonough + Partners , N3O Innovative Design and Engineering

Park 20|20 is the world’s first Cradle to Cradle optimized working environment.



New and existing development

In new development:

Design new business parks with functional green spaces / corridors that are linked to the surrounding landscape or urban park network.

In existing development:

Convert flat roofs into green roofs and improve the existing green spaces within the business park in order to provide usable outdoor spaces for employees and increase biodiversity.


Three scenarios for adding green to business parks

  • convert flat roofs into green roofs
  • improve the ecological quality of the existing green
  • create habitat corridors throughout the site

Source: Biodiversity conservation at business site