Mashhad, Iran

Mashhad's Green Belt

Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management

How has the initiative been designed and implemented so that long-term needs for management and maintenance are reduced and can be met?

Studies show that natural environments have the ability to regenerate over time through natural cycles. Attention to this matter has led to the recognition of the natural conditions of the bed of the area in the first step and the proposed actions in coordination with the bed conditions and to facilitate and accelerate the process of restoring the natural environment of the area. Cultivating native plants in accordance with the climate of the area and its limitations, paying attention to soil cover and composition, rehabilitating the existing hydrological network are among the actions taken to facilitate the natural cycle of rehabilitating the area and as much as possible rehabilitating the damaged parts.

Also, special attention to reducing the construction level to about 0.3% of the huge area of the project will cause the maintenance costs to be reduced normally and in case of destruction of sidewalks, wooden furniture, and wooden beams due to the nature of the material used in it can be easily replaced and repaired.

What protocols are in place to facilitate monitoring of results?

The most important and main event in the protocols and city instructions is the change of highway performance to a natural park – mountainous lands (protected area) in the approved detailed plan related to the project area. In this project, the consultant, planner, and designer are also responsible for supervising its implementation at the project site, which will lead to the implementation guarantee of the consultant’s proposals and according to the operation of the project before the end of the implementation process and the unrestricted presence of people, groups, institutions, and NGOs in the project area, it has provided the possibility for them as the main project supervisors to constantly monitor the project activities and if any Contradictions in the execution plan with the interests of the environment and the people to express their protest to various organizations and follow up the results through various legal and judicial authorities.

How has the initiative been enhanced in response to monitoring of results?

Stopping the executive operation of the southern belt of Mashhad is one of the greatest achievements in which this complex contributes. Despite the conflict of interest, this project has led to an alliance between city managers, project decision-makers, city representatives in parliament, and the legal system, which has led to the first project of this scale and with this approach in Iran. The cooperation of these organs and groups simultaneously in the implementation of the plan and transparency in the implementation of actions and interventions has led to the conditions for their comprehensive monitoring of all project processes.