Logan City, Australia

Sustainability and Resilience

What efforts have been made to reduce the carbon footprint of the initiative?

Logan City Council has made a commitment to achieving a net gain of ecological values and increased habitat for native wildlife while being one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.   Council has successfully delivered a range of initiatives, on-ground projects, biodiversity enhancement programs that has resulted in a gain of green canopy across the city. 

The range of adopted strategic strategies, policies and plans combine to form a holistic living green for biodiversity.  This suite of initiatives spans up to 50 years (River Visions) with a range of actions that can be sustained over time.

How have the anticipated impacts of climate change been considered?

LCC has already achieved great success in delivering actions that will reduce the carbon footprint of not only our organisation but the community as well.  These initiatives have been designed and selected with consideration of environmental, economic, and social outcomes. All are realistic achievable and ongoing monitoring has proven they are delivering. Selected on these basis means they are designed and implemented so that long-term needs for management and maintenance are reduced and can be met.

What processes does the initiative include for it to be considerate in its use of soils and other natural resources?

The City of Logan has demonstrated its leadership and drive for living green for climate change and delivering innovative climate change action through our framework.  Overall, these projects save Council hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and reduces our CO2 emissions by more than 1,500 tonnes annually.

LCC’s climate change framework not only demonstrates our commitment to building climate change resilience but has also delivered a range of projects and initiatives that have already successfully reduced our carbon footprint, achieved significant social, economic and environmental outcomes, while embracing our city’s vision to be a green city full or pride, opportunity and culture.