Logan City, Australia

Initiative: Creating a Green City

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City:Logan City
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Our city vision is City of Logan – a green city full of pride and culture. To achieve our vision of being a green city, we must create a climate resilient organisation and community. Our city contains an amazing range of natural areas including rainforests, bushland reserves, waterways and wetlands which are home to an incredible diversity of native animals and plants – some so unique and iconic, they are world renown.

Our natural areas are highly valued by our community and form an integral and important part of the identity, cultural history and fabric of our city. LCC recognises and respects the importance of a thriving natural environment in the growing region and our role in protecting and enhancing nature.

Since 2018, LCC has achieved great success in living green for biodiversity, which has included the development and implementation of our suite of Living Green for Biodiversity strategies, projects and actions. 

The key underlying strategy is our City of Logan Natural Environment Strategy which outlines how we will balance growth and development with our natural environment while meeting the challenges of a changing climate. It provides a road map to ensure The City of Logan’s natural environment is protected, enhanced, connected and celebrated to provide valued spaces for people, plants and animals now and into the future and has been developed based on the community feedback received through a through a 10-month community vision process involving extensive community consultation and engagement.

Additional key highlights include:

  • Extensive stakeholder and community consultation and engagement including a ground-breaking City Visioning process providing a community led direction for our Natural Environment Strategy;
  • Delivery of an organizational environmental governance review and research into best practice options and bench marking/SWOT analysis of solutions;
  • Development of a Sustainability Policy, Sustainability Framework and Climate Resilience Policy;
  • Expansion of our private land environmental conservation partnerships program – including Land for Wildlife, Habitat Connections and Voluntary Conservation and Restoration Agreements/Covenants;
  • Implementing strategies and successfully increasing our green canopy across the city over the last couple of years while accommodating a growth rate that is one of the highest in Australia; 
  • Resilient Rivers Initiative working with our agricultural sector to deliver environmental outcomes while maximizing agricultural and economic outcomes for our local producers;
  • Successful implementation of our River Visions, catchment recovery plans, river recovery projects and waterway and waterbody recovery plan;
  • Expansion of our environmental vegetation offset program reaching over 77,000 trees planted.

Incredibly, the City of Logan’s green canopy grew by 5% last year and what makes this achievement even more special and unique, is that the City of Logan is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia with very high population growth and development pressures. 

Often seen as the underdog, the City of Logan has been revitalized through a positive community pride campaign, a commitment to living green, and a commitment to leading the charge on protecting, enhancing, connecting and celebrating biodiversity not just in the city, but across the region and country.