Hyderabad, India

Photo by GHMC

Addressing the urban challenge

Breadth of the issue – How are the problem(s) that are being tackled by your initiative affecting citizens/local businesses or a significant component of the local wildlife?

TKHH advocates raising of plantations in all sectors and vacant lands of Hyderabad city. All Public roadside areas planted with Multi-Layer Avenue plantation which gives shades, aesthetic appeal to the commuters while protecting the environment by controlling air and pollution and the people are protected from ill-health conditions. 111 Urban open/lung spaces are developed with vegetation. People of all corners of the city utilize them to rejuvenate themselves from the stress induced by hustle and bustle city life. All colonies/ Streets are planted with avenue and ornamental plants (No’s 56,25,857).

Seedlings are raised in more than 600 nurseries in core city area (additional matching number of nurseries in outskirts of the city) and made available to the public. The Urban lung spaces, Greenery developed in tank bunds are cherished as recreation areas and environmental education centres.
The public preference to reside near to Urban Lung spaces has created new business opportunities. The Sanjeevaiah Park, NTR Gardens, Hussain Sagar Tank bund, Melkote Park, Vanasthalipuram Park, etc., are business centres for eateries, recreation activities, etc.

Due to taking up massive plantations in colony open spaces by demarcating the open space and constructions of wall around the open space has given a permanent solution by protecting the land against illegal encroachments, dumping while adding to green cover. 976 landscape parks and 406 tree parks in core city area were protected in this manner.

Depth of the issue – How seriously are the problems being tackled by your initiative impacting the life of the citizens/businesses/wildlife concerned?

Outer Ring Road (ORR) is a 158 Km length 8-lane access-controlled expressway having 150 Metres Right of Way with service roads on both sides developed around Hyderabad city. The Central median of ORR with 5 metre width across the entire 158 km stretch is raised with three layered plantations.

Central row –Avenue plantation of topiary nature.
Two Hedge rows are planted with dense flowering shrubs maintained at 2-3 feet height.
Three rows’ plantations are raised on right and left side of main carriage way.

1st Row- Flowering shrubs
2nd Row- Flowering median height plants
3rd Row- Flowering and top canopy plants .
All open areas of the interchanges, future utility corridors, road islands, Service roads, VUPs are planted. 

The commuters have a pleasant feeling with multi-coloured flowering plants, aesthetic appeal, and peaceful environs of the ORR. Dense plantation is protecting local environment from vehicular pollution.

All urban lung spaces are useful as Morning and evening walkways, weekend recreation space, Environmental education centres for children, oxygenation and purification of urban air in the colonies, significant mitigation of urban heat island phenomenon, increase in Biodiversity in colonies by creating semi natural habitats, improvement in quality of environment and living, positive impact on public health and resilience. Tank bunds like Hussinsagar which is located in the middle of the city became a centre of recreational excellence, Eco-tourism spots and hub for weekend activities like Sunday- Funday programme, Happy Street etc.