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Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management

How has the initiative been designed and implemented so that long-term needs for management and maintenance are reduced and can be met?

The tall trees selected for Avenue plantations, block plantations, street plantations, tank bund plantation need initial maintenance for five years. Subsequently, they survive on rain or ground water. The ornamental shrubs planted in Urban lung species need regular maintenance.  These sites are made self-sustainable for maintenance by collecting service charge. Small urban parks sites are maintained by local urban bodies.

The programme is designed in such a way that maximum development of parks, tree parks, avenue plantations etc., were taken up in areas where there is no development activity, and the greenery is retained as such.   The trees and species were included in such way that they require very less maintenance. Only the improvement activities such as pruning and other culture operations are required.

What protocols are in place to facilitate monitoring of results?

Forest Survey of India (FSI) has been monitoring India’s forest and tree resources through periodic assessments and publishes biennial “India State of Forest Report”.

As per 2021 report:

DescriptionGround area in sqkmForest area in sqkm%
Hyderabad City634.1881.8112.90
Hyderabad Metropolitan area6622.821634.4924.68
Total Area7257.001716.3023.65

The Municipal Act Sec. 24 (7) states that “ln all such cases where the survival is less than 85% and or there is no or lackadaisical involvement of the ward member or the special officer resulting in poor survival of plants, the ward member shall be disqualified and removed and likewise, the Special Officer shall be removed from service by the District collector for his or her failure to ensure 85% survival of plantations”

Forest Department is the nodal agency for monitoring of Greenery raised. They conduct monthly reviews, field visits by Senior Officers and submit report to Government periodically.
In the core city area, for monitoring the results of the activities taken up, 150 Ward Level teams and Special officers are formed to inspect the areas and monitor the watering and other activities required for survival of the plants.

Every Friday is declared as Green Friday on which all the officers will inspect the parks and the Greenery areas.          

All the plantation areas, Parks and Nurseries have been geo tagged and photographed and uploaded in TGFIMS website (https://fmis.telangana.gov.in/) for regular monitoring of the sites and survival of the plants.

How has the initiative been enhanced in response to monitoring of results?

The plantations raised are different types – Urban Lung spaces, Road medians, Road Avenues, Open land block plantations, Tank bunds greenery etc. Some are herbs, shrubs, medium trees and top canopy trees having to perform in different climatic situations. Climatically not performing plant species, and species not adopted to Urban environment need to be changed to improve performance of plantations. The Road median plants shall be ornamental in nature and should sustain harsh air pollution. The species suitable are retained and not adopted species are changed to enhance the air quality of Roads and improve the vegetation. The plantation of urban lung spaces is Environmental education in nature and also provide equality environment. The Sanjeevaiah Park Urban Lung space having area of 100 Acres and having the reputation of Top Canopy trees, medium trees and shrubs & herbs. Thematic plantations like Rose Garden, Rock Garden etc. are also developed.

The initiative of plantations is subject to enhancements in monitoring of results, based on the success and survival percentages and availability of the areas, the targets for every year are fixed.  Even within the components such as Open Space Plantations, Multi Row Avenue Plantations, Avenue Plantations and distribution of plants there is flexibility in fixing the targets ever year. 


Sub Total69,100,00032,422,56029,668,74662,091,306