Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Addressing the urban challenge

Breadth of the issue- How are the problem(s) that are being tackled by your initiative affecting citizens/local businesses or a significant component of the local wildlife?

The trees planted yearly on tree planting day grow to become habitation for birds and other living organisms. Because the trees have densely grown in the CBD it makes the business district cooler for good working environment for people.

Depth of the issue – How seriously are the problems being tackled by your initiative impacting the life of the citizens/businesses/wildlife concerned?

Sewage treatment ponds that use a variety of mechanisms that include aerobic, anaerobic and facultative micro-organisms for the removal of harmful substances from sewage by passing the effluent through a series of ponds dug in a wide-open space and no chemicals are used in this treatment process. This method of treatment is used at Cowdray Park and Magwegwe North

Thorngrove Reclaimed water is supplied to respective consumers through the 8 inch and 15-inch lines. The 8 inch line supply the Barbourfields stadium, Parks Nursery, Save our Souls (SOS) Primary School, and the Thorngrove sewage plant while the 15 inch line feeds Centenary park, water workshops, Gifford high school and Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) just to mention a few places.

Waterford reclaimed water was supposed to be used for watering the golf course but they required high quality effluent and a reclaimed water plant was included and also a provision to augment the reclaimed water with borehole water which is about 500m from the plant.