Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Sustainability and Resilience

What efforts have been made to reduce the carbon footprint of the initiative?

There are many ways to reduce one way to reduce your emissions and also make your property and community more beautiful, improve water quality, and provide numerous economic and social benefits… planting greens. Urban agriculture reduces the carbon footprint by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and processing it into complex carbohydrates.

How have the anticipated impacts of climate change been considered?

Because the city is located in a drought area. Water should be conserved at all times. To maintain the greening of the city hence the city has taken advantage of water recycling to maintain the greening of the city. Also the City mantains the National tree planting day so as to increase the greening of the city. The city also has set by-laws, one of the laws states that no one is allowed to countdown trees in the city.

What processes does the initiative include for it to be considerate in its use of soils and other natural resources?

Close monitoring of the quality discharged from the wastewater treatment works is done by the City lab team.