Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The power of plants and natural ecosystems to deliver benefits

How is the initiative shaped by scientific evidence of the potential for plants and natural ecosystems to deliver benefits?

Reclaimed water from wastewater is known from laboratory tests to contain a high amount of nutrient content in the form of phosphates, nitrates etc hence its application in the irrigation of plants is beneficial to plant. The city has a fully equipped laboratory for conducting tests for chemical contents in the reclaimed water before it is discharged to the environment.

The use of reclaimed water reduces the use of artificial fertilisers to aid the growth of plants and ensure City greenery.

Sludge which is mostly derived from faecal material which is also rich in nutrient content hence its use as a biofertilizer to aid the growth of plants without any adverse effects to the natural ecosystems

How has the city exploited the potential of plants and associated ecosystems to deliver more than one benefit?

There are numerous benefits brought about such as the increased productivity of farm produce making availability of agricultural produce throughout the year.

The produce from the selling of reclaimed water generates income to City Council help fund the reclamation programs making it a sustainable investment.

The green spaces have been good places for weddings and providing good venue for most social activities. The social events giveback income to council. Employment creation has been a by-product also from these green spaces as the photographers can strategically position themselves at these places for customers.