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Beech Tree
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Plant Profile: Beech Tree

Plants are increasingly recognised for their contribution to climate change mitigation, as well as climate change adaptation. After COP26 in…

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Urban October in review

Each year, Urban October provides a platform for the global urban community to mobilise awareness of the challenges and opportunities…

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Understanding a national park city

Policies and programmes to increase greenery in cities introduced Green Infrastructure, then moved on to Urban Forests and Nature-Based Solutions,…

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Italian cities are getting greener

Flormart survey finds that the importance of urban green space in public health and well-being will largely influence the future…

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City landscapes: Pay attention to detail

In gardening terminology there is a much-used phrase: “Right plant, right place”. The more we learn about the multi-functional capacity…

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Green City Post relaunches

It started eight years ago, issued as an additional feature of FloraCulture International (FCI) magazine. Today publisher AIPH is proud…

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From a forest in a city to a city in a forest

MELBOURNE, Australia: The City of Melbourne has made significant advances as a Green City over the past three decades, and…

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AIPH members report on growing number of Green City initiatives around the world

On Monday 1st April Green City reports from ten AIPH country members were presented at the AIPH Spring Meeting, held…

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Creating indoor nature

“We create indoor nature by adding natural elements to office buildings. Planters. Fixed and mobile green walls. Green landscapes. Indoor…