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Libertia Chilensis Formosa Group
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Plant Profile: Libertia Chilensis Formosa Group

Closely related to the smaller and better-known Sisyrinchium, Libertia is a useful and elegant genus of Southern Hemisphere perennials. Although…

New World Salvias
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Plant Profile: New World Salvias

Urban microclimates tend toward extremes, particularly heat and drought. Plants that are tough enough to survive heat and water stress…

Montréal Botanical Garden
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Impressive qualities of plants used in delivering urban water solutions

Winning the Living Green for Water category in the AIPH World Green City Awards 2022, the phytotechnology stations in the…

New World Salvias
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Plant Profile: New World Salvias

Salvias have become valuable contributors to the urban landscape in recent decades, notably the many cultivars of Salvia nemorosa (S.…

Montréal Botanical Garden
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Webinar showcases use of plants in urban water management

Urban water management and green infrastructure were the focus of the fifth AIPH Green City Briefing.   Organised by the…

Sesleria Caerulea
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Plant Profile: Sesleria Caerulea

Prone to hybridisation and back-crossing, the ±30 species of Sesleria are a taxonomic tangle of poorly differentiated species, forms and…

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Climate change and Sustainability get a high profile in the ornamental horticulture industry

With 1,330 exhibitors from 46 nations and 40,000 visitors from 100 countries, IPM Essen 2023 gave centre stage to climate…

Green architecture concept. Building exterior covered with plants in modern city
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Politics, the ornamental horticulture industry, and the future of our cities

International Green City news in November and December 2022 focussed on gatherings of the Conference of the Parties (COP) in…

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Top of the class: AIPH proactively supports the schoolyard greening movement

Children that grow up in nature-rich environments have better mental and physical health, better social and cognitive skills, greater creativity,…

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A new series of free webinars from AIPH features the world’s leading cities

AIPH is proud to launch the second series of Green City Briefings, featuring world-leading cities demonstrating the power of plants.…

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World Green City Awards showcase the power of plants for city resilience

With an impressive number of entries from cities representing every region of the globe, the inaugural AIPH World Green City…

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Why roses are such a good choice for the Green City

Hetty Crooijmans is a fourth generation rose grower/trader who runs Reuver-based H. CROOIJMANS & ZN BV together with her brother.…