World Ornamental Horticulture Summit 2019 Opens in Beijing

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit opened on Wednesday 11th September in the Yanging District of Beijing. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr Liu Dongsheng, Deputy Director General of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. Welcome speeches were given by Ms Wang Hong, Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality; Mr Bernard Oosterom, President of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH); Mr Chen Jian’an Zehui, Vice Chairman of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Madame Jiang Zehui, President of China Flower Association (CFA).

Vice Mayor Wang Hong welcomed distinguished international officials, industry leaders and delegates to the Yanqing District at the foot of the Great Wall. Ms Wang said “The Summit is significant for ecological civilisation and building a better homeland. Beijing is actively practicing ecological civilisation and promoting environmental development, building a beautiful China and Beijing. Floriculture is very important for a better life and income generation. China is advancing flower research with more than 200 new varieties with IP rights registered in 2018. Flowers are also important to festivals and exhibitions, promoting ecological civilisations. The principle of the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit 2019 is to coordinate, guide, develop and optimise floriculture and relevant creative services.” Ms Wang added that in this pursuit “We are making our due contribution to eco civilisation and we offer you our wisdom and welcome your suggestions”.

Mr Oosterom, President of AIPH, emphasised the association’s strong relationship with China through AIPH member the China Flower Association and through AIPH’s role in approving Expo 2019 Beijing in 2012. Mr Oosterom said “For many years we have monitored the progress of this Expo, visited the site and held many, many meetings with the organisers. To organise such as Expo is an investment of many years not only for the country but also for AIPH. We are delighted to be able to bring AIPH members here to see for themselves the result of these years of hard work. This Expo has brought significant attention to our industry at the highest levels. It is a special memory for me to tour the Expo with President Xi Jinping and discuss horticulture with him and hear him speak of the emphasis China is placing on the ecological development of cities in this country. Today we open the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit with an emphasis on the link between the horticulture industry in China and the rest of the world.  I am in no doubt that China will become the dominant player in this industry in the years to come and if you don’t believe it then make sure you read the reports we have published through our International Vision Project including a new one, focused on China, that will be launched on Friday.”

Mr Chen Jian’an of CCPIT stressed that flowers are an important element in green development and satisfying humankinds’ demands. He stated that flowers proffer unprecedented opportunities and that the Summit and Expo 2019 Beijing provide an important platform for developing the horticulture industry, taking the Chinese industry to a new level. He concluded by urging all countries to take this beautiful blueprint to pursue green development.

Madam Jiang, President of CFA, a main organiser of the Summit, said the event is focused on a joint effort of horticulture undertaking to develop a beautiful homeland and accelerate international development for a beautiful planet. As the world’s largest flower producer, Madam Jiang said “there is great potential in the Chinese flower market. Ecological civilisation and a beautiful China bring unprecedented and harmonious opportunities for the horticulture industry. The CFA will continue its efforts to satisfy and diversify public demand for flowers as they become more and more desirable. Madame Jiang said that the CFA makes an important contribution to the industry and will continue to protect domestic and foreign breeders; enhance cultural exchanges and professional learning and actively promote Expos as an important contribution to the industry.

The Summit was formally opened by Ms Chen Zhili, Former State Councillor of China and Vice Chairwoman of the 11th National People’s Congress. Following the speeches, Mr Oosterom presented an award to the creators of “The Journey of Chinese Plants” film and a Special Contribution Award to the Executive Director of the Coordination Bureau of Expo 2019 Beijing, Mr Zhou Jianping. The Summit concluded with signing ceremonies of Chinese organisations and districts confirming their commitment to coordinating their efforts for green development.

The Summit’s opening ceremony was followed by the AIPH International Green City Conference, held as part of the 71st AIPH Annual Congress, with eight internationally recognised speakers addressing the topic of ‘Urban Greening for Clean, Healthy Cities’.

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit 2019 was organised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers and their member in China – the China Flower Association (CFA) with the support of a number of organisations within China and Beijing. The Summit was sponsored by Pera Events, Royal FloraHolland, Dümmen Orange and FloraCulture International was a media partner.

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