Will GROEN-Direkt Spring Showroom make history as the first post-Covid-19 trade show in the Netherlands?

HAZERSWOUDE, BOSKOOP, Netherlands:  Groen-Direkt, the organiser of Europe’s premier wholesale plant/nursery stock sale events, says that its highly-anticipated Groen-Direkt Spring Showroom looks set to stick to its planned 1 and 2 February 2022 dates, despite the ongoing spread of Covid-19’s omicron variant.

The Groen-Direkt trade fairs are internationally renowned for their complete and extensive range of garden plants. For the spring edition, the organisers will gather more than 5,500 plant batches under one roof.

Life and online

The event will showcase new plants and shrubs on raised benches, enabling the fair visitors to have a good look at the plants on all sides.

COVID-19 safety measures do not allow for a  growers’ plaza manned by the growers themselves. Instead, organisers have catered for an even wider range, including Mediterranean plants, marketing concepts, novelty plants and specimen plants.

Groen-Direkt’s entire range can also be viewed online as of 1 February. The Groen-Direkt webshop has up to date product photography of all plant samples. Ask for your access code by mailing to  info@groen-direkt.nl

By appointment only

Due to the uncertainties associated with Covid-19’s new omicron variant and to protect participants best, the Groen-Direkt event is open by appointment only. Event organisers will provide clear guidance on expected attendee behaviours, social distancing and hygiene to people before arrival, scheduling their appointment, and on arrival, for example, with signage and visual aids.

Entry to the event and car parking is free, but visitors must pre-register HERE

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