Why roses are such a good choice for the Green City

Hetty Crooijmans is a fourth generation rose grower/trader who runs Reuver-based H. CROOIJMANS & ZN BV together with her brother. The core business of CROOIJMANS & ZN BV’s is growing garden roses and trading bare root roses, while fruit trees, fruit tree rootstocks and several other ornamentals are equally part of their business. Hetty is also chairwoman of the Dutch Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks and one of the driving forces behind Expo 2022 Floriade’s rose gardens.

Ms Hetty Crooijmans of Reuver-based H. CROOIJMANS & ZN BV.

Here Ms Crooijmans writes an article for FloraCulture International, June 2022.

“Sustainable green cities are very important for a healthy life. Roses are indispensable in this for many reasons. Roses can be applied almost anywhere. They like a few hours of sun a day and a well-drained soil. They do not like full shade. And pruning often can be done mechanically. Roses have a long lifespan, very welcome in urban green spaces. So maintenance is low.

Modern shrub roses are especially suitable because they are strong, healthy and come in a rainbow of colours. There is an endless flowering time from the end of May until very late Autumn and the first real frost. Simply marvellous.

Roses are climate-proof. Once settled, they defy high temperatures and drought because the roses root deeply.

There’s also biodiversity contribution; flowers provide pollen for insects, bushes contribute to hiding and nesting for small mammals, and rose hips are popular with birds.

Rich and long-lasting blooms take care of a positive effect on the health and well-being of everyone. And don’t forget the delicious smell.

The Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks – with its secretariat running under the Dutch industry body Anthos in association with the Trees, Perennials and Summer Flowers department of sector body LTO – has built two rose gardens at Floriade; one to inspire garden retailers and consumers, the second one to drive sales in the landscape market.

These great rose gardens boast many varieties, paired with plants that complement their form and structure. And the designer has built the gardens around the sustainability theme, with harbour poles, for example, being reused as scaffolding and trellis.

Rose breeders and growers worldwide deserve credit for having developed roses for mass plantings and landscape borders. Healthy varieties make up 90 per cent of a successfully landscaped area with roses.

The international rose industry can help landscapers and garden contractors choose the right rose for the right place.

The Culture Group for Roses and Rootstock aims to promote the best rose varieties working with quality labels such as Excellence Roses and ADR roses.”

For more information, visit www.roses4gardens.nl/professional/

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