Which trees offset global warming best?

How to orientate ourselves in the wide and complex world of trees? Which species should we plant and why? How can we find the right balance among increasingly unpredictable customer needs, the actual needs of the plants and the needs of an ever-changing climate? These and other questions are answered in a new book written by tree growers and owners of the Italy (Cremona province)- based Lambo tree nursery, Giuseppe Bozzetti and Maurizio Lapponi.

‘The Manual of the Trees’ serves as a guide in the search for the right tree for the right place, in urban and peri-urban environments. The authors bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience from their daily routine. The book brings botanical characteristics of trees and daily experience in a tree nursery together.

It is meant as a tool which is :

  • quick: easy to consult and to understand thanks to icons,
  • international: with multi-language explanations of the icons,
  • ecological: it reports the data of how much carbon dioxide each tree variety absorbs,
  • educational: you can to learn quickly about the varieties and their characteristics,
  • inspirational: it teaches how to choose the right varieties for a specific place and purpose and how to understand their beneficial functions.

Even if you are not a botanical expert or an arborist, you will find this short guide useful and immediate in that technical details are explained by special legends placed in the cover flaps.

“Our aim is to clarify that, before planning, buying and planting a tree, it is very important to consider all the variables! We hope that in the future many more trees and above all many more ‘right trees’ will be planted!” say the authors of ‘The Manual of Trees.

For more information visit Maurizio@lambo.it

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