What’s the carbon footprint of your plant label? Floramedia will tell you

WESTZAAN, Netherlands: Floramedia, one of the market leaders in horticultural print, and supplier for POS, plant labels, pot covers, seed packets or any other type of bespoke plant packaging, has received recognition from ClimateCalc, receiving a certificate on Thursday 1 October.

ClimateCalc is designed to provide precise information about the CO2 footprint of an individual graphics product in a life cycle perspective. By providing insight into the CO2 emissions of different materials, customers can make better informed choices for their labels. In calculating the footprint, factors such as energy consumption, transport, emissions, processing of waste materials and packaging are considered.

ClimateCalc will allow Floramedia to carry out calculations for customers’ printed matter based on internationally certified standards.

Floramedia’s team is delighted to have received recognition from the ClimateCalc certification scheme.

It is important to account for CO2 emissions when assessing a material’s sustainability. As ClimateCalc had been developed for paper types, plastic was not taken into account. Floramedia therefore took the initiative to develop a calculator for plastics in collaboration with other parties.

Using this certified carbon management calculator, the CO2 footprint of a material can be shown for overall orders and individual labels. This new development enables customers to compare the CO2 footprint of different materials, both cardboard and plastics, per order and thus easily achieve environmental gains. The calculator will also be used to make Floramedia’s own business operations more sustainable. In the coming months, Floramedia will work with the first customers on calculations and then embark on an extensive rollout of the calculator.

Joris Verweij, CEO of Floramedia is delighted to have earned the ClimateCalc certificate. He says, “Becoming certified has helped us gain a better understanding of the CO2 footprint of our company and of our products. Acquiring certification is a fantastic step, but it’s only the start. We’ll be meeting with our customers during the coming period to help them make sound sustainability choices.”

Official certification marks another step towards achieving the sustainability goals and ambitions set out in Floramedia’s 2018 Green White Paper. An update of this paper with more information about results, general developments and new insights regarding different materials will soon be available.

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