What to import and how to procure flowers and plants from Türkiye

Welcome to the first global webinar on sourcing flowers and plants from Turkey, which is brought to you by the Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Union, Turkish Flowers and our publication FloraCulture International magazine.

We were fortunate enough to have an impressive line-up of speakers telling us about their experiences in the Turkish market, the trends, the most popular products, and the impact Covid and the Russia-Ukraine war have had and will continue to have on this important segment of our global ornamental horticulture industry.

Webinar speakers (left to right): Mr Ismail Yilmaz, Mr Umut Sakarya, Mr Azzam Shaffi, Mr Tahsin de Buck Kaya and Dr David Bek.

The President of Turkish Flowers rightly highlights why Turkey is such a significant horticultural hub for a rapidly expanding cut flowers, plants and landscaping market. Mr Sakarya has shown us that Turkish flowers are more than carnations alone and that Turkey is also an important source of less conventional quality flowers and plants.

At the same time, Mr Shaffi has explained how Turkey compares to its Mediterranean neighbours, Spain and Italy, in terms of sold products, prices, and the auction.
Thank you to the importer and exporter, Mr De Buck Kaya. We now know much about Turkey as the homeland for a sizeable production of cut flowers and the many opportunities and challenges of sourcing flowers here.

Turkey is a horticultural powerhouse with world-class, high-quality flowers, a benign climate and good soils, counter-seasonal supply opportunities, a young, skilled and dynamic workforce and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. However, there is still work regarding sustainability, transparent pricing, PBR, and logistics.

Dr David Bek clarified why sustainability matters so much and how Turkey can benefit from good flowers and plants for the planet and its people.

There is no global flower trade without flowers from Turkey, but also there are no Turkish flowers without well-oiled logistics, just-in-time delivery and good buyer-seller relation.

View the recording on-demand.

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