Addressing horticultural industry peat use and developing Sustainable Growing Media

The use of peat in horticulture is increasingly challenged by governments and NGOs around the world as part of the battle against climate change. The horticulture industry requires good quality, consistent growing media that is available at a good price. For many years, peat has ticked these boxes while at the same time growing media producers and researchers have been investigating alternatives. FCI, in collaboration with AIPH and Jungle Talks, brought together industry experts for a webinar on Sustainable Growing Media.

The speakers were Marko Pomerants, President of International Peatland Society, Cecilia Luetgebrune of Growing Media Europe, and Catherine Dawson of Melcourt Industries Ltd. Hein Boon of RHP, Peter van den Dool of Van der Knap Group and Moritz Böking joined the panel discussion. Download the presentation PDFs from

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