Watch out for Geo – a revolutionary new houseplant

WESTLAND, Netherlands/MIAMI, USA: Its official name is Geogenathus ciliatus, aka Geo. And the plant is set to revolutionise the houseplant industry judging from the positive feedback given by trade and consumers alike.

Industry veterans will remember how back in the 1970s, the first Spathiphyllums and Calatheas caused a stir in the houseplant industry. It has been a while since an entirely new genus debuted on the horticultural scene. 

Geo is a relatively new houseplant for North American and European plant parents. Previously it was in the control of a handful of plant collectors. However, the plant is now available to trade, thanks to Costa Farms in the USA and Valstar/Richplant in the Netherlands.

Distinctive and elegant, Geo features large and shiny purple-black leaves that stand out from other houseplants. At the beginning of this year, the plant made headlines by winning the coveted Best New Foliage Honour at the Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) in Florida.

In the May issue of FloraCulture International, Costa Farms’ Mike Rimland will explain what makes Geo so unique and what’s in store for the near future.

Geogeanthus will be among the nominees for Royal FloraHolland’s 2023 Dutch Glass Tulip Awards.

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