Wanted! Criminals that counterfeit Danish trolley labels

HOOFDDORP, The Netherlands: Counterfeit CC TAG5 labels have been discovered. These labels look genuine, but cannot be scanned. Riscon Arnhem B.V., an independent private investigator, has been asked by Container Centralen to investigate. Riscon would like to receive tips (if so desired, anonymously) via telephone number 0031 +318 6666 44. For tips which lead to results, a reward of up to €30,000 has been made available.

Roel de Jong, CEO Container Centralen: “Our CC Pool is a system which relies on honest cooperation. But now, unfortunately, and identical to what happened previously with the red label, the CC Pool is being targeted by criminals. This harms our pool members. The sooner we join forces and respond to this, the bigger the chance that we can unearth the source. That’s why we are making a large reward available, for tips which lead to results. All this is dealt with by Riscon, so anonymous truly means anonymous, also towards CC. For us, the main thing is that pool members can keep on trading with each other, without having any worries about counterfeiting.”

CC TAG5 was designed and tested in collaboration with specialists Lyngsoe Systems and Omni-ID, developer of RFID tags. Focus points were an improved quality and readability of the RFID antenna and the label being tamper proof, meaning that you can’t remove and reuse an original CC label without significant and obvious visual damage. Counterfeiting is another issue, as Lynsgoe’s head of research & development Don Ferguson explains: “It is unfortunately very hard to prevent this kind of counterfeiting. With a certain amount of professional equipment, you can scan and copy the physical appearance of any object. The real protection of the CC TAG5 is the RFID antenna. Scanning in the end is the only way to be 100% sure about a label.”

Tony Kington, CEO Omni-ID, adds: “The false labels we see now have clearly been produced using expensive equipment, to manufacture cosmetically similar counterfeit products – as mentioned, without the unique RFID coding. To support CC in its goal of minimising counterfeit labels, we will analyse the false labels CC obtains from the market. This will provide us with a precise idea of the counterfeits and the way in which the design and patent have been violated.”

Please contact Riscon Arnhem B.V. with tips about counterfeit CC labels:

  •  Tel +31 318 6666 44.
  •  For tips which lead to results, a reward of up to €30,000 has been made available.
  •  7 days a week, including evening hours.
  •  Languages spoken: English, Dutch, German and French.
  •  If so desired, you can remain anonymous.
  • The Dutch Justice Department has provided Riscon Arnhem B.V. with the following licenses (names in Dutch): Particulier Onderzoeksbureau POB 591, Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisatie ND 1320. In 2013 Riscon acquired the BPOB certification (from the Private Investigators’ Trade Association).
  • Counterfeiting and/or selling CC labels is a matter of intellectual property fraud.
  • Intentionally attaching a counterfeit label, or offering containers with a counterfeit label as a ‘CC Container’, is fraud. Please don’t get involved and do not buy labels outside CC!

More information available onhttp://www.container-centralen.com/fakelabels

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