Wafex purchases assets and brand of Tesselaar Flowers

PERTH, Australia: Exciting news from Down Under where floral wholesaler WAFEX has purchased the assets and brand of flower whosaler Tesselaar Flowers. Company owner and managing director Graig Musson told FCI that the acquisition fits the company’s ongoing vertical integration in the business.

The purchase of the Tesselaar assets will provide a number of benefits to participants in the floriculture sector, from providing new domestic and international market opportunities for growers through to and enhanced customer base.

Tesselaar will continue to operate as a stand-alone flower wholesaler. Although it will operate as a division of Wafex, it will continue to purchase flowers from a range of Australian growers and importers.

Wafex is a family owned business whose success is built on strong relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees. The company wants to give assurance that there will be no change or impact to the existing commercial agreements in place with our commercial partners.

Musson told FCI he will be working with the Tesselaar management to identify new opportunities at Tesselaar for the existing suppliers of flowers to Wafex.

Wafex’core business is the sourcing, procurement and logistics of the world’s best flowers. The company believes the purchase of Tesselaar’s  assets will provide opportunities to implement supply chain efficiencies to provide better value proposition for the customer base that Tesselaar supplies. With that enhanced value proposition to the Tesselaar customer channels, Wafex expects there will be considerable opportunities for flower growers that currently supply Wafex.

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