Vostock Capital to host greenhouse construction forum in the Netherlands


More than 1500 ha of greenhouses are to be built in Russia by 2020. As practice shows, CEOs of Russian greenhouses prefer equipment manufacturers from the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany and other European countries, relying on their extensive experience and field expertise. However, nowadays European companies are not sure what will happen in the future, after 2020? Should they keep investing in Russia or not?

Join the Open Discussion to collect all the pros and cons of working in the Russian greenhouse industry.

–    When: 13th June 2018

–    Where: Amstel Boathouse, Amsteldijk 223, 1079 LK Amsterdam, the Netherlands

–    Time: 5.30pm-8.30pm

–    Free registration here: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/en/debaty/

Proposition: This house believes that Russian greenhouse industry will keep developing beyond 2020

Through joining the debate you will:

  • Discuss the strategies and plans for the development of greenhouse business in Russia beyond 2020
  • Lean about the latest updates of greenhouse industry in Russia
  • Get the information about major projects and future development policy
  • Mingle with colleagues and peers to discuss the potential of Russian greenhouse business and short and mid-term prospects
  • Explore the opportunities and prospects to gain a tangible advantage for your company on the Russian greenhouse market


Register now: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/en/debaty/

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