VLAM announces major overhaul of its website

Laurica plant nursery Belgium.

BRUSSELS, Belgium: Looking for a supplier of meat, fruit & vegetables, horticultural products, potatoes, dairy products or other fresh produce from Belgium? Want to remain abreast of the news about fresh Belgian products or do you want to dig a little deeper into background information about quality systems, business reporting or product info? Then surf to www.freshfrombelgium.com, VLAM’s completely renewed platform, where you will find 14 product sites all under one umbrella.

VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, promotes agricultural and horticultural produce from Flanders, the northern half of Belgium. VLAM has now launched a brand-new platform for foreign trade contacts, journalists and other relations, from where visitors can surf to 14 independent product sites. In that way you only get the information that interests you, whether you are a trade relation or a journalist. The umbrella www.freshfrombelgium.com forms a bridge between all the product groups. And the passion, professional skill and quality of the Belgian products form a leitmotiv for all the sites.

Drastic make-over
The familiar elements of the former platform still have a prominent spot on the sites. Thus, the central exporter database, where buyers can find a suitable supplier, has also been integrated into the new sites. Moreover, you can naturally also still find the news, background information and a fair calendar.
In addition, there are extra modules to make the sectors more vivid. So, henceforth, business reports will put a face to the ornamental plant sector. Videos will provide you with insight into the production of our meat and poultry. And product blocks will put the spotlight on the top products of a number of sectors.

Curious about the various sites? You can find them via the umbrella www.freshfrombelgium.com or directly:


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