Vitroplus launches new fern

BURGH-HAAMSTEDE, The Netherlands: Vitroplus, a renowned Dutch breeder and propagator of ferns today announced the introduction of its new fern xPhlebosia Nicolas Diamond.

According to the company’s spokeswoman Ellen Kraaijenbrink, the novel fern is a crossing between a Phlebodium and a Pyrrosia fern and an absolute first on the market.

Named xPhlebosia Nicolas Diamond, the fern features leaves that are green and somewhat curled at the ends. A cross between Phlebodium and Pyrrosia, Nicolas Diamand makes a great plant for the tropical garden or the home as it is hardy, drought tolerant and fast growing. Nicolas Diamond is suited for pot sizes from 12 cm.

In 2016, Vitroplus marked its 25th anniversary. What once started in a tiny attic office, has blossomed into a world company selling more than 26 million ferns annually. Vitro Plus is thrilled and proud of their achievement. “Initially, we weren’t planning to become the biggest company, but only the best,” said the company’s  John Bijl and Ard Stoutjesdijk.

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