Vitro Plus kicks off construction of its new propagating facility and laboratory

Since its discovery, ‘Nevada’ continues to revolutionise the global fern industry.

BURG HAAMSTEDE, Netherlands: Construction of high tech growth chambers plus laboratory for Dutch fern breeder and propagator Vitro Plus will begin this month.

Vitro Plus’ new facilities at Burgh Haamstede (75km south of Rotterdam) will provide a single location for research and fern propagating to meet the increasing demand for ferns worldwide.

A fully conditioned growing environment, the station spans 10,000m2 and is without natural daylight. The fern propagator ensures that the new complex will minimise the company’s environmental footprint; solar panels provide electricity for the LED lighting, smart cultivation techniques save water, and thanks to the closed-loop system pesticides are unnecessary.

The new building will allow Vitro Plus to double its production area.

Vitro Plus’s new premises are scheduled for completion next year summer.

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