Van der Ende Group joins AVAG

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch based sector body AVAG has further increased its representation of the Netherlands’ glasshouse construction and equipment sector with the addition of a new member, Van der Ende Group, from November 2021.

Van der Ende Group will contribute to strengthen the voice of the sector.

Van der Ende Groep is a family run business, manufacturer, innovator and supplier of water treatment systems, climate solutions and (industrial) filtration technology. For more than 35 years, Van der Ende Groep has been the place to go for pump technology, water and air treatment, control engineering, industrial filtration, and technical service provision.

Ms Annie de Riet, AVAG President, is delighted to welcome Van der Ende Group as AVAG’s newest member. She says, “Van der Ende Group has won multiple awards in recent years. In 2020, for example, the company won the GreenTech innovation award in the sustainability category.”

At this year’s GreenTech show Van der Ende Group launched Kathari, a powerful new tool to remove pathogens by ultrafiltration from drainwater.

AVAG is the organisation in which 71 Dutch companies work together in the field of integrated growing systems, greenhouse engineering, product innovation, quality schemes and international business. Member companies of AVAG guarantee high quality, geared to any market, for any crop and in any climate.

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